Dagan Flute Atelier, The Netherlands

An Amsterdam based company established in 1988, Dagan Flute Atelier operates in all aspects of sale, repair, import and trade of silver-plated, silver and gold flutes.
It provides instruments, repair and comprehensive service to private and music school students, conservatory students and professional flutists throughout the Netherlands and all over Europe.


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Short conversation with a Muramatsu flute.
Flute: "I'm a solid-silver Muramatsu AD model; was strong, healthy and good for many years; never had a problem; always ready to make music; my owner was good to me, treated me with respect and loved me; after playing many years it was time to replace my pads. I was tortured by a technician and I'm miserable now; half-the-flute I was. Why?"
Me: All your 16 beautiful drawn&rolled toneholes (including C# and trills) were filed/cut vigorously; butchered actually(!); your traditional Muramatsu felt-pads were changed to Straubinger pads..."
Flute: "But why? My owner didn't ask for it..."
Me: Maybe because... because it takes "half-the-time" (actually less); maybe it’s “the-money”-thing, maybe the technician was taught so and never asked him/herself "why-and-what"; maybe doesn’t know how to work-out traditional Muramatsu felt-pads; maybe just a sax-technician turned flute-technician; maybe just the "I-know-better" type... maybe doesn’t care… “go-and-know”…
Flute: "what now?"
Me: It's irreversible. There isn't enough material left to fix the surface of the toneholes.
Flute: "Are you saying that I was crippled?"
Me: Basically, yes! I will install/work-out traditional Muramatsu felt-pads back to you. You will be alright, but, never like you were before.
TIP: Before buying pre-owned Muramatsu flute have it carefully checked by an authorized/certified Muramatsu technician.
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Brannen flute: "I'm a 14K gold Brannen; playing at the RCO (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra); have a day-off today; at Dagan for pads adjustment.
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