Dagan Flute Atelier, The Netherlands

An Amsterdam based company established in 1988, Dagan Flute Atelier operates in all aspects of sale, repair, import and trade of silver-plated, silver and gold flutes.
It provides instruments, repair and comprehensive service to private and music school students, conservatory students and professional flutists throughout the Netherlands and all over Europe.


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Peter Verduyn Lunel Solo Flutist at the Gelders Orchestra, Netherlands. With his wonderful Muramatsu 24K!
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Whereabouts Number 6:
Play-test session of the Legendary Muramatsu All-Solid 14K Gold Number 40000.
Today August 21st (2016); Meeting and Play-test with Jan Bengtson; Concertgebouw Amsterdam; dressing-room; between sound-rehearsal and Concert.
Jan Bengtson (JB); Solo flutist at The Royal Philharmonic of Stockholm Sweden; plays a Muramatsu All-solid 14K serial number 39xxx (traditional Muramatsu pads and mechanism) and a Muramatsu All-solid 18K serial number 55xxx (New-style Muramatsu pads and mechanism). This concert he plays his 18K. I listened very often to JB playing in a couple of his CDs I have through my friend Johan Dahlbäck, a famous flute technician; colleague Muramatsu-trainee from Sweden. That’s the connection.
It will be a short session; I unpack; assemble the flute with the 14K headjoint first; JB starts playing; plays like he knows the instrument a long time already; no wonder; his 14K is of the same period.
I think: Wow, such a sweet, warm and homogenous sound. Marvelous!
I pull out my iPhone and take pictures.
Change of headjoints. Now with the 24K headjoint. JB plays on.
I think: I know so well how it sounds when it’s played the way it should be played. Some colleagues enter the dressing-room quietly. When will I ask JB the questions I prepared in advance? He plays so beautifully on.
JB stops playing and says: “Beautiful”. He says it in such a genuine way that I decided not to ask anything.
JB: “With the 14K headjoint the sound reminds me of my 14K, and with the 24K headjoint it sounds like my 18K… (The New-style one)”.
JB: “So, I understand that you want to sell this instrument…”
Yes, I now auction the Number 40000, but before I finally do it, I have a plan that I would very much like to pull together and try to realize, before I let this flute go…
JB is now the 1st flutist I told what the plan is… there, at the dressing-room… just in a couple of minute’s time.
JB: “May I try the flute with the C-foot on?”
After trying: “Very beautiful”.
JB has some very wise remarks about my plan, and yes, he wants to participate.
More colleagues are now in the room already, and we have to wrap-up the meeting.
A short meeting in Amsterdam. Very inspiring one. To be continued.
Faithflutely yours, Yizhar.

#muramatsuflutes #theauction #faithflutelyyours
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